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    This is a question

    I am new using Kali Linux and I would like to know if any of you could do a tutorial on how to do a good cleaning of our own computers.

    This week I am receiving a training in the Call Center where I work from home, and I noticed something quite strange when I finished a call by "Teams Microsoft App", it turns out that before turning off my computer the mouse started to move without me touching it, then it is obvious that it could be .....

    I want to know if you could post a tutorial to demonstrate how to find rootkits and other possible intruders and at the same time showing how to remove them all and teach us how to close those doors.

    Thanks for reading my message, I am sure that a tutorial on this matter would be quite successful.

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    are you sure its not dust in the optical of your mouse? I had a hair once lodge itself in just the right place that would make the mouse move around the screen.

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