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Thread: Install Error

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    Install Error

    I attempted multiple times yesterday to install Kali Linux on my machine via USB.

    My machine is a Cybertron Rhodium 950 X8 Gaming Desktop with an AMD FX-8300 processor and a 500 GB Samsung SSD.

    In my attempts the same thing kept happening at two different points.

    1. The linux kernel could not be installed during the base system install. x3
    2. During the software install the system would fail half way through. x5

    The install wizard certainly stated that you could go back and repeat the step and so I tried and this is where things became maddening. When I tried to repeat a step it would ask me to insert installation media in to the drive and it would not leave this pop up window regardless of what key strokes I attempted. It was stuck as this prompt asking for install media.

    After the third or fourth time this happened instead of repeating a step, I went back and tried to remount the install media I was using (USB) and it would get caught in a similar loop and wouldn't let me use any install media. Now maybe it is looking for an actual DVD and not a USB? I don't know. One error that came up after the kernel failure, and I'm paraphrasing here, is that the kernel is not from an authorized source or something like that.

    I tried remaking the USB media over again using Rufus and the same USB stick but the same errors popped up again until I eventually gave up. I was hoping for some guidance as I'm not sure why the installation wizard would **** out the way that it did.

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    Try to find some code errors and search for them on google.

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    hi my friend,
    did you burn the kali.iso in .iso format?
    probably you should try it in dd image format.
    This option is available in rufus.
    Hope this helps.

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