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Thread: Airodump-ng or No interface specified problem.

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    Airodump-ng or No interface specified problem.

    Hello there. When I'm trying to use command
    airodump-ng --bssid <address> --channel <channel> -w <destination folder>
    I just get answer
    No interface specified
    I already tried all methods that I know. Destination folder already exist. Root enabled. After typing
    airmon-ng start wlan0mon
    console says
    (mac80211 monitor mode already enabled for [phy0]wlan0mon on [phy0]wlan0mon)
    My wifi chipset is Athernos 9485 and driver is ath9k (2016) for windows 8. I don't know any solutions for this problem so I hope someone can help me.

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    you have to define the network adapter for airodump-ng

    airodump-ng --bssid <address> -c <channel> -w <folder/file> wlan0mon

    if you use a dual band wifi adapter you can define the band where it should listen

    airodump-ng --bssid <address> --band <band letter> -c <channel> -w <folder/file> wlan0mon

    a= 5GHz band
    b= 2.4GHz band
    g= 2.4GHz band

    for example: --band a or --band abg

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