I was using Kali Linux in My Old PC Core 2 Duo 3.3 Ghz + Asus P5G41T-M LX3 Motherboard.

My PC was shutdown for Approximately 4 Months...

Yesterday, I tried to Turn it ON, There is NO Display.

After some hours of rectification, I found the Motherboard is dead. ( May be some capacitors discharged )

Anyway, I purchased a New Motherboard. Frontech G41.

Installed it in My PC.

Everything else is Same as Previous Condition - Just Motherboard is NEW.

I Connected Keyboard and Mouse ( both USB )

Mouse LED Blinks and Working Good.

Keyboard Green Light Illuminates on the Boot Screen.

I can switch to Kali Linux and Kali Linux Advanced.

Also can select to the Kali Linux Recovery Option.

After I select Any one from the Kali Linux Os - Once it Loading to Kali Logo...

Keyboard's Green Light getting OFF, and After that, Keyword not working.

The Problem is, I'm unable to Enter the Password on ROOT Login.

I Know my ROOT Password, But Unable to Enter it - Due to Keyword getting OFF.

But Keyboard working Once it is in Bios Boot Screen and OS Boot Screen.

NOT Working Once OS Loaded.

I Connected this Keyboard to the PS2 Port using PS2 Adapter - Same Result

I Connected this Keyboard to Another PC... Keyboard Works.

This Problem, May be because of... My Hard Disk Don't have the Drivers of This Motherboard.

Can I install it Manually?

then, How can I Login to ROOT?

How can I Activate Virtual Keyboard on ROOT Login Screen?

is there any way to Deactivate this ROOT Password and Load the OS and Manually Install the Drivers..?

I'm Stuck... Here...

I'm Seeking for Experts Advice...

if NO Solution, Then I can Download New Kali Linux OS, and Format my PC...

The Installation process will Detect my Motherboard, and Install Necessary Drivers.

Thanks in Advance...