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Thread: New dayly driver Oneplus 7

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    New dayly driver Oneplus 7

    Hello everyone. I need a new phone and am thinking of using it as a daily driver.
    I would like nethunter on it. What do people suggest. Should I have a separate phone for nethunter or is it fine to have nethunter on my daily driver?

    I would very much like to have Oneplus 8 or Oneplus 8 pro. But since nethunter does not currently support these phones, it will probably be a Oneplus 7.

    So my question is whether I should buy a Oneplus 7, and use it both for nethunter and as my daily driver, or should I have 2 phones. 1 for nethunter and 1 as my daily driver?

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    NetHunter isn’t intended to be used as a daily used phone. I use mine as a backup phone, as I learn the trade. Having an active data connection is useful, but due to the nature of NetHunter’s intended use: planting it at a site, and using it for remote access, etc. I would suggest not using it as a “daily driver”. That said, if it’s your phone, you should do with it as you please. Using it for calls and web browsing, etc. certainly won’t hurt it any.

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