Hey folks,
I am trying to install kali linux on my lenovo IdeaPad 320 and facing an error that grub-install dummy failed.
I tried installing it 15 times in 2 weeks but the error continues.
I installed kali linux for the very first time in legacy mode and it was a success. I used it for a while until I came to know that its not the preffered way (although I was also having problems while booting between windows and kali as each time I wanted to boot I have to get into BIOS and change booting mode from legacy first to bios first and vice-versa)

So, when I tried installing it it took about 5 hrs to install and at the end GRUB-INSTALL DUMMY FAILED this is a fatal error.

I am installing kali linux 2020.2 and its the latest version so far.
My system is lenovo IdeaPad 320 and I am using 104.9 GB of space to install kali linux and I am trying hard to make my windows 10 ( primary OS) and kali linux dual-boot.

I also searched the kali linux forum and internet for solution, but nothing seemed to be working for me.

It would be highly appreciated if member of kali linux forum could help me with it..