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Thread: Kali Linux Virtualbox USB-Wifi

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    Kali Linux Virtualbox USB-Wifi

    Hi there!

    I am running into a very common problem when you are using Kali on Virtual Box.
    My set up is:
    I am using a laptop which the Internet connection is established via an Internal Wifi card.
    I use an USB Alfa AWUS036NH to monitore wifi's.

    I've tried all the possible configs into the Virtual Box Pre-launching SO settings.
    I've runned my Kali with bridged, NAT, not connected...
    My Kali detects without a problem, the USB Wifi, the problem starts when running airodump-ng wlan0mon. My USB can't detect any wifi.

    PS: The USB antenna works perfectly fine.001.jpg

    PS2:I think the problem might reside into some Kali or VirtualBox internet config.

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    Hello, same with me.. you fixed it?

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