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Thread: Chroot is not getting installed

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    Unhappy Chroot is not getting installed

    So I currently have a Redmi Note 8 pro which was rooted with twrp custom recovery and rooted with magisk.

    Then I tried installing Kali nethunter through the Kali App Store. In that I installed Kali chroot manager and in that they told to install the chroot and when I tried it then I gave the option to select from my internal.


    Then I put the location of the tarball file.


    But then this happens.


    I even tried creating a path manually as shown.


    But even with that it didn't work. I even tried after installing busy box.

    Any solutions to installing it? Even I tried to download official image but no luck.

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    I have the same exact problem.

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    +1 same problem , Magisk 9c0e1897 (22007), Android 11, what`s your version?

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