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    Exclamation wifi problems

    I have installed the latest version of the kali linux, and I could not connect the wifi, I could only have internet with the ethernet, I have tried to install different drivers, but I could not install them, could someone help me?

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    I am brand new to Kali but here is what worked for me after 5 days with 8 hours sleep and 1,000 videos first connect your WiFi to the router trick the box into reading the adapter nothing else worked for me once. Here is what I did in the box leave adapter 1 as NAT in USB and Network in virtual machine or box I run Oracle with the Kali Virtual Box OVA image then go to Kali and make sure your network is hooked up to both NAT and the bridged adapter are connected on the network in the Kali OS. It tricks the VB or VM into thinking that the wireless adapter is the access point now as far as anything else I have not a clue because I tried everything and nothing worked it showed there was a WLAN but would not take drivers or system resets or anything. I hope that helps and I do not know if that is the correct way but when you spend as much time as I have you will accept anything. It works fine now, all that work for a 5 minute fix ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

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    This is a great write-up. It would be really helpful to edit for clarity as a few parts are a little unclear. Thanks!

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    If you are running Kali on a VM you may need to allow it access in its VM settings, otherwise the local IPs will not communicate and it'll fail to connect.

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    does the NetworkManager working in your system ?
    i have same complaint after upgrade the service NetworkManager not found .
    i had to install it manually and to start it manually every time i boot my device

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