Building Kernel For Arm Device.

Hi can someone help or give me the steps on building the nethunter kernel with Nethunter Kernel Builder.
I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated.

so here is what i did so far :

1. Downloaded the source kernel for the device i want to build the kernel for... in this case a Samsung device from

2. Extracted the source file "kernel" and git cloned 'Nethunter Kernel Builder' in to the same folder.

3. In /Kal-Nethunter-Kernel i copied and edited config to local.config


In nethunter builder menu i selected :

S. Set up environment & download toolchains ... done!

From here .. i'm not sure what to do, should i choose #1 or #2 ?? I already know and got the defconfig code for my device.
can i know the steps in more detail please..