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Thread: Unattended install procedure question..

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    Question Unattended install procedure question..

    Ive been dipping my toes into kali with the free course in my spare time, but I'm puzzled about the degree to which the installation is unattended, after entering my special boot parameters, as per all the material, it auto connects to my network instantly via dhcp, then prompts me to create a user account. the preseed is obviously working however as the entire rest of the installation is hands free and altered by the content of the preseed and or the boot parameters. I've scoured the internet, and dont have the level of knowledge to diagnose why this is, unless it isnt included in the unattended part. The inital user name and pass prompt, how does one preseed that?

    ive tried both altering the /dojo/preseed.cfg and storing it on a usb drive, and the auto=true priority=critical boot parameters. no effect on the prompt, but both affect the installation.

    Dell vostro 7590, i7, GTX 1050, 32 gb ram, 256 ssd OS drive and 1tb ssd for file storage.
    Vmware workstation in 12.0 compatibility.
    Everything up to date and running happily.
    Sums check out on the iso.

    any input folks?


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    I was in the same boat and experienced the same thing. It appears the following line is missing from the preseed.cfg:

    d-i passwd/root-login boolean true

    I tested this by passing passwd/root-login=true as a boot parameter and it worked. The installation completed unattended and non-root account was not created.

    If you want to create a non-root account as part of the unattended installation, add the following entries to the preseed.cfg file
    # To create a normal user account.
    d-i passwd/user-fullname string Debian User
    d-i passwd/username string debian
    # Normal user's password, either in clear text
    #d-i passwd/user-password password insecure
    #d-i passwd/user-password-again password insecure

    This will create an account with username debian and password will be "insecure".

    I'm also doing the free Kali Unleashed course and discovered that they purposefully will omit some things to get you into the habit of researching and digging through documentation. I'm speculating here of course, but learning to research and google the right things has been mentioned a lot.

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