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Thread: PWN-Hunter (Pocophone F1)

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    PWN-Hunter (Beryllium)

    About PWN-Hunter
    Also sry about bad english if present.

    Its a rom that is based on android Q and it has patched system for hid attacks.
    Modified kernel is also pre included that supports various types of usb wifi drivers and some other things that chroot can take advantage of.

    * Bootkali is in /system/bin so you can use any terminal you like
    * Modified nethunter app and terminal (With fixes)
    - Nethunter Terminal has fixed paste
    - NHApp has fixed configs that some attacks use (More of a path fixes on chroot)
    * Out of the box Nethunter apps
    * Modified toybox to support /vendor/lib/modules instead of /lib/modules/(kernel uname...)
    * Kernel supports various usb adapters (Wifi, Ethernet). Supported chipsets in telegram group with nice community (100+ members).

    Download link is in the group. Join if you want this rom.

    Creator: Martin Valba / @Hilledkinged

    Also i may port some more devices in the future.
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    New build of Skull-Duty , now with kernel that adds HID support
    ## README
    * This is flashable kernel with hid patch that works with poco, Other devices needs to be tested for hid.
    * Android Q roms only!!!
    ## Info
    * Supported devices Poco F1, MI 8, MI mix 2s
    * The hid is tested with poco f1
    ## Download

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