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Thread: Wifi monitor mode kernel for Nethunter (Oneplus5)

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    Wifi monitor mode kernel for Nethunter (Oneplus5)

    Hello i have installed nethunter on my Onplus5 with android 10 and the latest updates, never used other romes or such things my phone is rooted so i just install the apk files(from kali app store) and download the chroot, it is working properly... so my question is what should i do to create or download wifi drivers or kenrel to have monitor mode, only for wifi is that possible? (Oneplus 5)

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    Check the custom script named "start wlano monitor mode" in nethunter app see if you wifi goes into monitor mode by launching wifite from the custom scripts.

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    here is the output:


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    You have given a useful Info.....thank you for the information about the kernel

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    ou can connect to your phone using wifi and then use the internet through your phone. This means that you don't need to have a router connected to your computer anymore.

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