Hello everyone! I've been using a DomU HMV kali instalation in an Xen Hipervysor from several months and I've came to realize that since version 2018.4, no other version of the provided ISOs even boot to the installer. They just show the first menu for installation and then reboot. The 2018.4 version does the installation by, for some other reason, grub is not installed now, as it were a time ago when the installation worked.

My question is; what has to be done to properly install kali as an DomU HMV in Xen (?) and second; why the recent ISOs does not install in this enviroment (?) and finally; does anyone has tried this before (!?)

I also remember that ago, when i got the installation that I was using; I've done a grub install procedure like this:


but for the moment; this haven't worked.

Thanks for the attention.