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Thread: Postgres issues in oneplus7-oos Q 2020.3

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    Postgres issues in oneplus7-oos Q 2020.3

    Has anyone had issue starting postgresql server with the updated 2020.3 kernel for oneplus7?

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    Oneplus 7 OOS ten 2020.3 kernel issues

    Is no one else having this issue ive installed NH a million times so im not doing it wrong but i cant get the postgres db to work for metasploit and bt_rfcomm isnt a thing also internal monitor mode is garbage the 2020.2 update worked fine im using it now but i really was looking forward tp trying out the BT RFcomm patch that supposedly came with the 2020.3 update. Anyway someone tell me im not alone or im crazy or if theres a fix/updated kernel for guac pleeeasee!

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    Im having the same problem with my poco f1, did you find the solution??

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    I had same issue on poco x3 pro, in my case reason is it needs device specific supported kernel, there are some on other devices but not for mine

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