I am installing Kali on my MacBook Pro after having Ubuntu on it. I triple-boot to Catalina/Windows 10/Linux. When I installed Ubuntu I had no issues. But now Kali will not connect to my wifi network. It tells me there are missing files:

regulatory.db bcrm/brcmfmac46302-pcie.Apple bcrm/brcmfmac46302-pcie.txt bcrm/brcmfmac46302-pcie.clm.blob

It then goes on to try to connect to my WAP but is unable to. This stops the installation dead in its tracks and it won't proceed unless I connect to the Internet. Which I can't.

Any help would be appreciated -


I set up my triple-boot by dividing my 2TB SSD into two equal partitions using Boot Camp Assistant (I use Refind for boot). I install Windows 10 using a dowloaded ISO. Once that is complete, I boot into Windows 10, open up Disk Management, and shrink the Boot Camp partition by 50GB. I then reboot into Refind and select the USB Kali install drive and boot off of that, and begin the install on the newly created 50GB partition.