How to get the PMKID attack program/tools functioning in Kali 2020

This will cover only the installation into Kali 2020 and how Musket Teams did it to several hard drive i386 installs.

This installation process was done to root, hence all downloads and operations were to root.

All our computers are set up with:

root@kali:~#dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root

and selected

Enable password=less privilege escalation

sudo su

then puts you directly in


enter cd and you are in root


To move files with file manager MTeams opened a terminal window in root and entered thunar ie:


This opened the filemanager under root and allows unrestricted file movement with this program.

To install the tools for PMKID, get a internet connection and download the hxcdumptool, the hcxtools and the dependencies. If you do not load the dependencies the tools cannot be installed.

git clone

git clone

apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libpcap-dev

Installation folders hcxdumptool and hcxtools were downloaded to root so when in root:

cd hcxdumptool


make install

cd hcxtools


make install

Install completed

MTeams are working with these programs. Any administrative scripts based on these tools that Mteams develops for our own use will be published.