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Thread: re-enabling force encryption

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    re-enabling force encryption

    I have searched this in many threads but didn't find the answer.
    I just want to know that can I re-enable the force encryption after successful flashing of nethunter zip on my OnePlus 7.

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    Well, as far as I know, yes you can, but I believe NetHunter will stop working if you do. Best not to mess with it too much. If you want to tinker with a phone, get an old, but working knock-around phone and play with that. That way, if you brick something, its not the expensive model, and you can still call a friend and say “HELP”!

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    I guess after you re-enable encryption, when you open kali from terminal it will show required key unavailable. So I think don't install your own app and data on the kali hunter device.

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