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Thread: Kismet on Nexus 9

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    Kismet on Nexus 9

    I just got NetHunter running on a Nexus 9 and I've run up on a problem that Google doesn't seem to want to help with. I added a USB wifi dongle since the internal chipset isn't supported. It does work in monitor mode, as I've shown by running airmon-ng start wlan1 and airodump-ng wlan1 - I see plenty of traffic. But Kismet is failing to work and I don't know why.

    Kismet starts successfully, but when I try to configure a data source I get this message over and over in the console:

    datasource failed to remount root in jail as RO: Invalid argument

    I checked the source code of Kismet and it looks like it tries to do some extra magic involving remounting the filesystem on top of itself, but as read only, to protect you if you're running as root. This is really frustrating, as I don't need a nanny, but that's another issue. I've patched the system to the latest versions of everything using apt-get dist-upgrade. Am I going to need to roll back?

    Is anyone else running Kismet successfully in NetHunter?

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    I'm using kismet on NetHunter. that datasource remount message is annoying but not fatal. Kismet is working for me despite the warning message.

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