I am new to Kali Linux I wanted to use Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ so I went to the offensive security website and downloaded the 32 bits Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4. I downloaded it using Torrent and extracted all files. After that, I used Rufus to write the .img file to my SAMSUNG EVO 32 GB SDHC CARD after formatting the SD CARD. After that, I inserted the SD card into my Raspberry Pi then I connected it to my 32Inch TV using HDMI port, plugged in the power cable, then some text showing startup processes began filling up my screen then I get some FAILED TO START ......... Daemon or Service whatever. Then it showed A BLANK SCREEN WITHOUT ANYTHING NO CURSOR NOTHING. I left it like this for around an hour in the hope that it would take me to the login prompt, but nothing happened. So, I formatted the SD CARD again and used Balena Etcher this time and after writing the image it tried to validate the image but after reaching 100% it showed that failed to validate and PHYSICAL DRIVE 1: CHECKSUMS DON'T MATCH FOR RANGE ............So I formatted the SD CARD AGAIN and USED OFFICIAL RASPBERRY PI IMAGER THIS TIME it showed the same error. So, I ignored the error and tried to boot but still I got the same problem. One notable point is that I once used the same SD CARD for booting RASPBERRY PI OS and I shut down the Raspberry Pi by just pulling the power cord by mistake of course. After that accident I formatted the SD card and rewrote the image on the SD CARD and it failed validating showing the same error messages but I ignored them and tried to boot my PI and it booted. THIS WAS MY WHOLE ERROR STORY. I am a complete beginner, So any help would be greatly appreciated and please tell me way that can save my SD CARD. I don't wanna waste my new SD CARD and buy a new one. Sorry for a rough writing.