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Thread: Full Disk Encryption Luks with USB keyfile and fallback to passphase

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    Full Disk Encryption Luks with USB keyfile and fallback to passphase

    I have a bit of a problem getting this to work. I have 2 key slots on my luks, one for passphrase, another for a keyfile.
    here is my
    cat /etc/crypttab
    sda5_crypt UUID=a928ff73-50f1-44e4-80e1-03b79905d294 UUID=341785d4-e610-49c8-b4ac-a0ec71362f21:/KLinux/keyfile.key luks,noauto,keyscript=passdev

    cat /etc/fstab
    # /dev/mapper/cryptolinux-cryptroot                           /                          ext4                errors=remount-ro            0       1
      UUID=853af3dc-9042-4144-91d1-a58dfa95b513        /                           ext4                errors=remount-ro            0       1
    # /boot was on /dev/sda1 during installation
      UUID=ef571281-d77f-4822-8786-b00c6b94dbb6        /boot                    ext4                defaults                     0       2
      /dev/mapper/cryptolinux-crypthome                         /home                  ext4                defaults                     0       2
      /dev/mapper/cryptolinux-cryptswap                          none                    swap                sw                           0       0
      /dev/sr0                                                                /media/cdrom0      udf,iso9660         user,noauto                  0       0
      UUID=341785d4-e610-49c8-b4ac-a0ec71362f21       /mnt/usb               auto                user,noauto                  0       0

    lsblk -o name,uuid,mountpoint
    NAME                        UUID                                   MOUNTPOINT
    ├─sda1                      ef571281-d77f-4822-8786-b00c6b94dbb6   /boot
    └─sda5                      a928ff73-50f1-44e4-80e1-03b79905d294   
      └─sda5_crypt              jLtERN-KGRK-fasi-PWh0-BRjV-e7Ew-8UFRPM 
        ├─cryptolinux-cryptroot 853af3dc-9042-4144-91d1-a58dfa95b513   /
        ├─cryptolinux-cryptswap 2e1226c7-124f-40f5-ad7b-5eae802b4fc3   [SWAP]
        └─cryptolinux-crypthome 7b7a2296-ccea-4a02-a201-c2a78787bbb1   /home
    └─sdb1                      341785d4-e610-49c8-b4ac-a0ec71362f21

    after restart nothing happens though, it's just stuck on splash screen, what am I missing here?

    Also on my previous install of 2020.2 I could boot it with keyfile on USB, but if usb was not present it did not fallback to passphrase option.

    Did anyone get this working?
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