Hi all!

I have a Dell optiplex 960 with a hdd and multiple windows partitions inside. I want to install Kali linux in a USB stick, so to be able to boot up in Kali when I choose it from BIOS.

What I did:

I downloaded the latest kali installer (64bit) and burned it in another usb stick. Lets name it USB-A.
I booted the installer usb and I did the installation in the other USB stick I wanted (that could be a usb external drive, or similar). This is USB-B.
All went ok
I choose to install GRUB in the USB-B. All seemed ok.

But when I start the computer and choose to boot from USB, it hangs, like there is no USB bootable device (no - GRUB?). Off course first I removed USB-A.

Any ideas?

PS. I don't want to change the bootloader in the HDD. Also I don't want a live USB because I want the changes I made, to be saved (eg, static ip address etc).