so i recently installed kali linux with KDE Plasma. everything is looking great, i fixed a lot of issues that i had with drivers and ... . But i never found a topic or a solution to this issue:
Whenever i try to lock my screen (with super + L) or try to turn on the computer from sleep; i get this screen saver (or something else maybe) that has no login entries for me to comeback to my session. it has no power off nor restart button. only things i can do there is to reboot my computer from tty or from the physical power button. and when i turn on my computer again i see the KDE Plasma login screen that has no problem. is there something wrong with KDE or should i enable an option that takes me to KDE login screen after sleep or lock screen?
Here is a photo of what the screen saver looks like: ( Blue screen with kali linux logo on the background and a "KALI by offensive security" on bottom )
Also i'm using Kali linux 2020.3 with KDE Plasma 5.17.5