Having host Windows 10 and latest Virtualbox 6.1.4

Was working with kali linux 2020.3 XFCE with no troubles until this time.

After making a restore point and apt update & apt upgrade get the following:

After powering on get the proper login screen, put in my creds, press enter and get black screen.

While having the black screen I am able to switch to cmd line via ctrl+alt+F1. CMD line works good.

I have tried:

1. Lots of Google --> no result.
2. reinstall gdn3, lightdm --> no result
3. installed gnome and logged in into gnome --> black screen
4. sudo startx --> black screen
5. sudo lightdm --> black screen
6. apt update --fix-missing --> no result
7. dpkg --configure -a --> no result

I have googled no more receipts. Have tried several times all I found. Ready to give all necessary info, logs, confs, etc.

I am completely stuck. Need your help, guys!