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Thread: Can not install libcurl-dev for Kali on RPi 3B+

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    Can not install libcurl-dev for Kali on RPi 3B+

    I am having issues installing libcurl-dev for kali on raspberry pi i am using a RPi 3 B+ and am running the appropriate Kali for Arm img (64 bit) this issue cam about as i am trying to install hcxtools for wifite but alas no matter what variation on libcurl-dev I try I get the that 'kali@kali:~$ Unable to locate package libcurl4-openssl-dev' this is for all variants like libcurl4-gnutls-dev, libcurl4-openssl-dev and libcurl4-nss-dev so I am coming here as I am told this is the apropriate place for this issue.

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    Check for the repository, or pkg package, and install manually or compiling it.
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