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Thread: How can I install Kali linux on a USB drive (not Live) ?

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    How can I install Kali linux on a USB drive (not Live) ?

    For clarification, I mean I want to install kali on a usb as a dualboot with my windows 10 OS. I don't want to install the live run version, I want to install the full version to dualboot with windows. I want to act my pendrive as a hard drive partition in which the kali linux will be installed in.

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    i would not call this a dual boot. USB a plug-able boot as the USB is considered to be a removable device, it should not change your system

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    on further consideration, dual boot is kind of 90's, why doing a dual boot? _ why not seamless integration, the mind bending effects of having both linux and windows apps running on the desktop?

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