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Thread: Another installation problem.

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    Another installation problem.

    Hi folks!
    Tried to install Kali on Sony Vaio laptop from Live USB, with no success.
    Firstly, i have an error about missing regulatory.db and iwl-debug-yoyo.bin firmware files:

    Assuming this is not a problem...

    Further going through the most default way to install - Using largest Free Space - I get a setup error:
    Failed step: Install-System (approx. after file copying)

    And I even don't know how to save any debug information about the root cause of failure.

    Would you suggest any method to debug this final setup error ?
    At least I should save dmesg or syslog somehow... or smth i don't know aghhh.

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    Did you ever figure out this problem? Kali Linux used to be good and useable but recently has went downhill. I just downloaded Kali Linux 2020.4 and hit the same issue on a Sony Vaio laptop. I'm starting to think that Kali Linux is a pile of pish and am veering more towards Parrot Linux.

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    also it brings to mind, a while back they changed the location of the regulatory.db, we had to remove a few packages and reinstall to compensate for this, i'm sorry i don't recall which

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