Hello Guys,

I am running kali Linux 2020.3 in one of my testing servers, it's fully updated and has GUI (XFCE) enabled. I connect to this server from Windows 10 machine with remote desktop. So you can understand that the server has XRDP installed and configured. Everything working fine except for audio. There is no sound in remote machine and the volume applet staying disabled when I login into the machine using remote desktop. I know xrdp may need pulseaudio modules/plugin but i can't find any in Repo. I tried to compile from here- https://github.com/neutrinolabs/pulseaudio-module-xrdp
But it didn't work.
So somehow sound is not redirecting from remote machine as the sound system is disabled. I configured remote desktop options properly in Windows with Local Resources --> Audio --> play on this Computer

How to fix this issue?

How to enable audio support for XRDP? I am in need of playing some sound files in remote machine.

Thanks in advance.