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Thread: driver rtl8812bu

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    driver rtl8812bu

    I've been trying for a week to figure out how to install rtl8812bu ... none of the instructions or description works ..... when I give "lsusb" ..... I write that the device sees but in the wifi overview connected at the top right corner nothing ... ..just an old card that is fixed in the laptop

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    I have been troubleshooting no injection on certain kernels to internal wifi not on, so I learned A few things. Did you download the driver from git? And what version. Rtl8812bu is easier to install than au. Anyway google rtl8812bu fastoe git. Try that driver, read the read me. mv download rtl8812bu to /usr/src/ , cd to /usr/src/rtl8812bu ,run all commands in this directory.

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