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Thread: PI 4 + 2020.3 32bit image. Need kernel source (linux-source-4.19)

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    PI 4 + 2020.3 32bit image. Need kernel source (linux-source-4.19)

    Currently running the 2020.3 image on my Raspberry PI 4. Would like to modify the kernel for this image. The image shows a version of 4.19.118, however couldn't find the linux-source to match this version. All repo branches (rolling, last-snapshot, dev seems to only have linux-source-5.5 and up. Where could I find the kernel source for this image.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I have the same problem with 64bit image. Have you found the kernel source ?

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    Let me ask you why you want to change the kernel of the image?

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    did you make progress?
    I would also be interested in such a solution...

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