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Thread: Can't install NVIDIA drivers.

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    Can't install NVIDIA drivers.

    Hello guys, this is my first post here so sorry if I post it in the wrong spot.
    I'll describe my problem in a short way: NVIDIA driver always says "CC version check failed".

    I did the following things for installing the driver:
    1. Installed the right Kernel Headers
    2. Disabled Nouveau driver
    3. Logged out by doing Ctrl+Shift+F1 and ran a shell of init 3.
    4. In the shell of init 3, I went to the directory where the driver .run file is located, here I did
      export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-10
    5. Then, I did
      sudo bash
      but it always says "CC version check failed" and if I do "Ignore CC check" the installation will fail

    I'm currently running Kali Linux 2020.3 (latest release right now). Hope you'll be able to help me. Thanks in advance!

    I'll attach the log. (

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    These errors can be caused by an incorrect system state. If the software installation fails, the best first step is to reboot and try the installation again. If that doesn't help, try explicitly uninstalling the previous version (if any), rebooting, and then reinstalling.

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    In some cases, the NVIDIA software fails to download and install the drivers. Fix this by canceling any other processes, ensure that the version is correct for your NVIDIA card and that the download is not blocked by the antivirus or firewall.

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