I wanted to set up a new PC with two SSDs and had planned to install kali on one of them, followed by windows on the other. During the 'Detecting Network Hardware' step of the kali installation, it provided me with a list of possible ethernet network drivers to install. Since at the time I did not know what network card my pc contained, I proceeded to skip this step. I had hoped that I would be able to install the driver through kali itself, or later on through windows.

Windows automatically had an ethernet connection after i installed and booted into it. When booting into Kali, I do not have an ethernet connection. 'Ip a' and other commands showed that there is no ethX related driver installed.

Now my question, can I still install the driver? Or would I have to reinstall linux on the SSD and this time not skip the 'detecting network hardware' step?

I have an Intel Ethernet Controller l225-V and managed to download two related software packages (in the form of .tar.gz files). I unzipped these, but am clueless on how to install these. Any tips or guides one could forward me?


Greetings Raph