Hello Everyone,

I have been using Kali and Parrot in VM for a while now and need to run them on a dedicated box. Tired of the VM life. Two questions.

1) I have the opportunity to build a new box, but I am having a hard time finding compatibility lists. Some of the resources that existed back in the day seem to be out of date or no longer maintained. After researching, it seems that ASUS is fairly Linux friendly. I am leaning toward the Intel Z490 chipset in a mini ITX (I am still open to other options). This will be a dual or triple boot machine. Is it still the case that one should stay away from new tech for Linux builds? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Hope I am just missing something in my search.

2) Are newer video cards going to be an issue?

I tried searching the forums, but came up with nothing as far as motherboard or hardware compatibility. Maybe I suck at searching?

Thank you,
Bo Long