Per the title, I've been trying to get this installed for the last four hours or so on a Nokia 7.1 without root access, following the instructions on the NetHunter Rootless documentation page.

The first issue I had was executing the standard install procedure with direct download from the NetHunter store wouldn't work due to WiFi failure to download. I did manage to download and install the Kex Client and the Hacker's Keyboard and the install script. But the archive kep failing to download. So I found a Reddit post which said download it manually and move it to /data/data/com.termux/files/home. I downloaded it on my openSUSE Leap 15.1 box and moved it to the phone using KDE-Connect. I didn't have a home so I just put it in termux/files using the Files app and tried running the install script again. I kept getting a message about rootfs corrupted and to rerun again. Rerunning it did not work, still got the corrupted rootfs message.

So I created the termux home directly, moved the NetHunter archive to it and tried again. This time it asked if I wanted to delete and recreate the rootfs directory, so I said yes. I said no to the prompt to delete and re-download the archive. It proceeded to install, without giving me the corrupted FS message, but at the end it gave me this:

./install-nethunter-termux: line 318: kali-arm64/etc/sudoers.d/kali: No such file or directory.

I used the Files app to look into the kali-arm64 directory and I don't even see an etc directory - just bin, captures, home, proc, srv, tmp, var, boot, dev, mnt, run, sys, and usr.

Google search turns up nothing concrete on that error message other than that a couple other people have seen it, apparently.

Anyone got any ideas? Note that I installed termux from the App Store rather than from the NetHunter store - does that matter? Do I need to use a NetHunter-specific termux? Otherwise I'm out of ideas.

I could try wiping the termux directory, uninstalling termux and trying again, but I'd prefer some useful suggestions as to what might be the problem first, so I'm not running down a rabbit hole.

Thanks for everyone's help in advance.