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Thread: wireless adaptor not working after upgrading nethunter

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    wireless adaptor not working after upgrading nethunter

    My wifi adaptor rtl8812au working perfectly fine in 2020.2 but it's not working in 2020.3 and 2020.4.
    Any solution?
    Lsusb showing device name as Tenda u12 but iwconfig not showing device.
    Device - OnePlus 7
    Android 10

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    Hello I have the same problem on my mi 9t davinci with miui 12.0.3 EEA, the solution is to flex the 2020.2 zip, which solves, more ta the problem where to find the 2020.2 image ?, for a week looking for this image for my version mobile phone, I do not know why on the official website of offensive-security they do not put the other previous versions of the images !!

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    Same here: on 2021.1, OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole). Device ID 2357:011e TP-Link AC600 wireless Realtek RTL8811AU [Archer T2U Nano].
    ip link and iw list ignore it.

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