Hello guys..
Im trying to install nethunter 2020.4 on my phone...
All is done but, im getting this error when i press the Start Kali chroot button.

[18:07:35] [-] sdcard /lib/modules/3.10.40-g90f4f12 doesn't exit or isn't mounted.

└─# cat /proc/version
Linux version  3.10.40-gc7ebca13933 (android-build@wpee22.hot.corp.google.com) (gcc  version 4.8 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 16 15:25:44 UTC 2017
Screen Shot 1

Screet Shot 2

Motorola Nexus 6
Model: N6F27M
Nethunter : nethunter-2020.4-shamu-nougat-kalifs-full.zip
MagisK Manager: Magisk v20.4