Hi all,

There are probably a trillion different postings when looking for this problem and seems with every Kali release the problem starts all over again, sooo.....

Is there any way to get the USB Wifi Adapters with the Realtek 8811/12Au drivers running on Kali 2020.4 ? In theory, yes, but looking at the posting I have not found any happy end to this problem. Seems to have worked fine in 2019 at least.

I have a fresh install of Kali 2020.4 - I have an internal Wifi adapter, which is shown at wlan0 fine and it works. The USB one is shown via "lsusb" and drivers have been succesfully installed but its not showing up ifconfig/iwconfig. Neither is it shown on lsmod. How do I get the USB one activated and shown as wlan1 along with the internal one without some slapstick work around?

The adapter works fine in windows and is not broken, its the same dual antenna one you can find a million times on amazon and comes also with a driver cd for windows stating the Realtek8811/12AU serial but i have no idea anymore what to do ...

Or is there any usb wifi-adapter that simply works without any issues on the latest Kali release? Without any issues alongside the wlan0?