So, I got Kali installed on windows 10 with WSL2. No big issues. I used it for several days, just poking around trying to get a feel for things. I installed metasploit-framework and the everything metapackage. I was feeling like hot ****. But not for long. McAfee started deleting my files. If you have McAfee, I'm sorry. McAfee doesn't allow folders to be excluded from scans. You have to exclude files one at a time. Which frigging ridiculous considering I had 30Gb of pentest tools that McAfee desperately wanted to be rid of. Long story short, I ****-canned McAfee, and installed malwarebytes. Something got lost in translation, however. Now Kali won't run. I get this error:

WslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x8007023e

This is actually a mild improvement, from after I had reinstalled Kali. Now, I'm stuck without a clue where to go. Please advise.