Hello everyone, I need help please, if, if someone has uploaded the image nethunter davinci 2020.2, I ask you to share it with me, the image 2020.3,2020.4, the extenor adapter doesn?t work only on airmon-ng, I used the instructions for re4son, it worked, minus my external adapter I assume that and the image 2020.3,2020.4, which seems to have something preventing the external adapter from working, if someone has the link to version 2020.2 i will be very grateful if you share it with me, i have been looking for this image for more than a week and i can't find it anywhere !!

my phone mi 9t EEA miui 12.0.3 atheros tplink 722n v1 external adapter image used 2020.3,2020.4