Dear community,
I'm a new Kali student with basic experience with Ubuntu, Raspbian, and Linux Mint. I tried everything at hand to get a Kali Desktop Environment to not avail.
The process during the installation went well according to the pictures on the tutorial; however, I haven't been able to get a desktop environment but only the black screen with the command line, which by the way, seems to be working great because I get fair feedback response to my commands. I moved from XFCE (which never worked) to GNOME and still experience the same sequence as follows: 1) I click F1 to continue the booting after turning on the computer; 2) Read "welcome to GRUB..." (for few seconds); 3) Next shows up the blue screen that reads GNU KALI/LINUX and advanced options; 4 ) then follows the nice Dragon logo for several seconds; 5) finally, comes up the Black screen with a blinking cursor; 6) Next, I do Ctrl+ Alt+F3 and logging and the final result is... 7) the black command screen.

I'm using an old desktop computer Dell Optiplex GX620 250 GB HD, Ram 2 GB, and processor 3.1 GHz.

I would humbly appreciate any help that you can provide me.