Dear community,
For weeks I've tried all possible fixes found in Kali tutorials but the booting process always ends up in Kali?s command line which looks good since a big part of the input commands result in a satisfactory feedback.

I?ve tried both xfce4 and Gnome and it is always the same ending to login and the command line.

Please let me describe the booting process: 1) I choose F1 to start boot 2) the the screen goes black and shows ?Welcome to GRUB?..(for two seconds); 3) Then it shows for several seconds a Blue screen that reads GNU Kali/Linux and Advanced options; 4) after the blue screen a nice dragon shows up: 5) It follows a black screen with a blinking cursor that stays there until I enter Ctrl+Alt+F3 to Log in; 6) after logging in it shows up the command line which by the way works well but there is never a desktop environment!

I would gladly appreciate if somebody can help me to fix this and get a desktop environment.
Thank you,