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Thread: Oneplus 3 nethunter install boots to black screen - how to debug and build?

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    Talking Oneplus 3 nethunter install boots to black screen - how to debug and build?

    Initially it wouldn't even install and say it couldn't mount data as rw, but then I read that people were more successful using an older version of twrp and that did the trick.

    I followed the newest installation instructions and installed lineage-17.1-20201221-nightly-oneplus3 followed by magisk.
    I tried installing Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt before and after (after repeating the whole process) installing nethunter.

    After a successful installation message, booting would only result in a black screen.
    This appears to be a common problem as it's been discussed twice:

    In both threads Thiviyan posted a link to a google drive of a working kernal to install over top of the base installation.
    I tried this and it was successful, however I would like to build it myself.

    I tried the build script like so:
    ./ --ten --device oneplus3-any
    and this build also resulted in a black screen.

    So I then started mucking with the flags and tried
    --nightly --forcedown
    and also tried
    --rootfs full
    --rootfs minimal
    Alas, all builds failed to get beyond a black screen.

    It seems that it's something to do with the source kernel but I wouldn't know where to start.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd like to know how to build a working version myself.

    Thank you.

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    cool cool.

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