I'm trying to install Kali 2020.4 on Lenovo m93 with I5-4590T, CMS and Fast boot are disabled. I can boot from USB and live works, when it comes to installing I can see weird artefacts (colorful lines and dots) and that is it. I already tried to set nomodeset, but this doesnt seem to work. Any ideas?I'm not experienced in GPU modes that can be used, currently options are set to

menuentry "Install in graphical mode" {
linux /install/gtk/vmlinuz video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=788 quiet net.ifnames=0
initrd /install/gtk/initrd.gz

I've tried nomodeset already - no joy, adding efi to linux and initrd (this gave me black screen) any ideas or hints, I've been searching and trying various things for some time now.