I have successfully installed latest (2020.4) Kali Live onto an USB stick and it works fine. When booting, I'm selecting the first option (standard Kali Live), not the persistence version or Forensic mode or anything else.
Now the problem is that the keyboard layout doesn't match our local computers here and nobody uses US keyboard layout. I want to change this. I can change the layout of course in the UI or with the command "setxkbmap -layout 'ch(de)'", but I would have to do that on every boot; it's not persisting.
I don't want to persist files or other settings or anything, so I don't want to use the persistent version of Kali.
I know this could be done by creating a custom Kali image, but I think this is overkill to just change the keyboard layout.
I found that the layout is stored in the file /etc/default/keyboard (I found ="us" in there), but the file is not persisted either. I assume this comes from some archive that gets unpacked into this file during boot somehow.
How can I change the default keyboard layout in the standard Kali Live image after it's already on an USB stick?
I've seen that many users have this problem, but I found no answer so far, even after many hours searching. (Here's one question for example: /showthread.php?33458-Change-default-keyboard-Kali-Live-USB in this forum, but no answer - dpkg don't work and setxkbmap is temporary). I know it can be done, as I've done it for my previous installation some years ago.
Sorry if this is a repost, I've posted the same question yesterday, but only got a "posting requires approval from forum admin", so not sure what happened there. I would assume that if it doesn't appear after a day it is lost, therefore posting again.