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Thread: Alfa AWUS036ACS - Realtek RTL8811AU not working in monitor mode

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    Alfa AWUS036ACS - Realtek RTL8811AU not working in monitor mode


    I have just purchased a new Alfa AWUS036ACS USB WiFi adapter to replace an exiting Alfa AWUS036NEH which was only 2.4 Ghz.

    The new card ( 36ACS ) seems to have an issue with not working properly in monitor mode. I installed drivers from this link
    HTML Code:
    which has loaded the adapter and i now get an wlan0 interface although it has used the 8812au driver

    I was originally running kernel 4.19 but have upgraded to 5.4 to see if it makes any difference which it doesn't. I have also noticed that if i down the interface, set the mode to monitor via
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    iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor 
    and bring it back up again, then run iw dev the interface is still shown as managed. However if i run
    PHP Code:
    iw wlan0 set monitor none 
    the interface does then show as monitor mode but still no packets captured.

    There seems to be a couple of posts here saying they have had similar issues but according to the various reports plus
    PHP Code:
    iw phy 
    the adapter does support monitor mode. I presuming the issue is driver related.

    Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to get the adapter working, if so how ?


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    For setting properly monitor mode check this link:

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    I ran into issues with my card today not injecting properly. I finally found this:

    The second comment contains a patch that makes injecting management frames work again.

    In short I did the following:

    • Uninstall the Kali package - realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms
    • git clone
    • In the new rtl8812au directory - download and place the patch referenced in the above issue 819
    • patch -p1 < 0001-Allow-inject-management-and-control-frames.txt
    • make dkms_install
    • I like to reboot here to make sure everything in module land is kosher

    After doing this I can now deauth as I could before.

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    So a few updates on this.

    Looks like the aircrack repo has this patch officially integrated and committed:

    That commit was on 1/29/21. Looks like the Kali package for this driver is using sources from 1/18/2021. So the Kali package needs a bump to include this (very important) fix:

    So until the realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms package gets bumped to use a more recent/current git snapshot, you'll still need to do what I had in my previous post. However, no need to do the patch anymore as it's been committed.

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