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Thread: How to enable wifi on Raspberry PI 400?

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    How to enable wifi on Raspberry PI 400?

    I downloaded the 64bit image for the Raspberry PI 400, newest 2020.04 mentioning RPI 400. After booting, wifi does not show up, ifconfig does not list it.
    How do I enable wifi?

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    if you can connect with ether cable, do so and then run apt upgrades, see if that helps

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    I am having the same issue. When i do an ifconfig i only get eth0 and lo. when i do iwconfig i get lo: no wireless extensions, eth0: no wireless extensions. I have gone into raspi-config and set wireless adapter region to US.



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    I have the same issue.

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    Did you get this sorted out?

    I know you need to get a usb wifi adapter like the Alfa AWUS036NHA for long range or similar that supports with Kali and works with the pi 400. I just ordered a Pi 400 and am planning the same thing and am in the process of getting a USB adapter for the 400 that will work. I am thinking of getting one that also supports USB 3.0 and 5 GHz like the Alpha AC1200 or similar like the Panda PAU09 N600 that I have read will work with Kali. Just wondering what you went with and if the 64 bit version worked well for you? I have read to use the 32 bit instead.

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