Hi guys,

I just installed Kali 2000.4 and just getting familiar with ksh, great shell btw, I have an issue when I try to use some tools in Kali, for example when I try to use rdesktop I get this error:

Autoselecting keyboard map 'en-us' from locale
*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
zsh: abort rdesktop

Also when I try to clone a git repo:

git clone https://github.com/TryCatchHCF/PacketWhisper.git 134 ⨯
Cloning into 'PacketWhisper'...
*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
error: git-remote-https died of signal 6

Same behaivor if I try with sudo, I already check /var/log/messages and din't find any log related to this issue, how can I fix this? Thanks.