My name is Diyar and i have to write a term paper for school (IT class 11th grade).
I chose Kali Linux because i wanted to get in the field of Cyber security thus my term paper is about "Implementing a script in Kali Linux".
Note that i didn't choose the exact topic as its written, i just made the suggestion to my teacher that i could write something about Kali Linux and that I like coding little scripts to automate a few things. (I mostly did with python at that time)

So my question is, what do you think i should write about?
I mean I already have a list how i would do it, but i thought it be better to ask some experienced people about it, since I just installed Kali a week ago and dual boot between Linux and windows.

I own a virtual server, which runs Ubuntu, so maybe that's what i could use for some pen testing?
I am not sure about the Kali Linux part from "Implementing a script in Kali Linux".
First i thought maybe I'd program a little script that runs on my server that sends me the price of bitcoin or some other financial product like the Gamestop stock to my phone, but that has no or little to do with Kali and it could be easily done by some app, that's already on the playstore.

In my list that i mentioned i wrote down that I'm going to talk about Kali Linux and its features

It goes like this:

1 Introduction?

2 Kali Linux.......
2.1 The Operating system Linux
2.3 Windows and Linux Comparison

2.2 Kali Linux

3 Bash
3.1 Bash Shell in Linux
3.2 Bash Scripting
3.3 Bash Scripting with Kali Linux

4 Implementing a script
4.1 Monitoring the price of bitcoin
4.2 Penetration testing a server with Kali Linux Script? //Im not sure tbh

I'm going to write text for the first 3 chapters and in the 4th i will begin with explaining the project and showing its "code"

So if you have any suggestions for me how to and what to do and what to write about, please tell me, i would appreciate it very much.

sorry if my English isn't the best.