Hi all,

been trying to resolve this problem for a while now and cant seem to get anywhere with it, so was hoping I could get some help on here it would be greatly appreciated.

I have installed Kali Linux on Oracles VirtualBox and have it up and running, before this I was conducting pen tests via a bootable USB persistence but over time the performance dropped.

everything is running well but the wifi.

I cant seem to set this up at all.

It says I have a wired connection as its using my host machines wifi card.

so the internet works (great) but believes its wired and there is no option for wlan0 when I run an 'ifconfig' command in the terminal.

I want to run my wireless adapter as it has monitor mode etc etc to help wifi pen testing.

At the moment my virtual kali machine is redundant !

I have tried to set up my wireless adapter through VirtualBoxs usb section, but the wireless adapter is not even being picked up. there is no option for any usb devices as it just thinks nothing is connected. (it is)

I have downloaded VirtualBoxs extension pack to enable USB 2.0/3.0 and have this selected. Still not picking up my usb wireless adapter in the devices section.

I have also resorted to trying to download backports.

after running a unname -r command it came up with the following.


I have tried the following backports downloads with no success.

backports-5.9.12-1 & backports-5.10-rc6-1

after trying to run an unload command on both I receive this

Your kernel headers are incomplete/not installed.
| Please install kernel headers, including a .config
| file or use the KLIB/KLIB_BUILD make variables to
| set the kernel to build against, e.g.
| make KLIB=/lib/modules/3.1.7/
| to compile/install for the installed kernel 3.1.7
| (that isn't currently running.)

I cannot locate a backport package that is 5.9.0 to match so have no idea what to download to enable a wireless connection to let me do wifi pen tests ?

I'm at a complete loss and left scratching my head.

any help would be insanely appreciated, as quite frankly I miss wireless pen testing and want to get back to it!!!!