I just tried installing Kali 2020.4 on a VMWare virtual machine, however audio appears to be entirely absent during the process.
I am a screen reader user, and therefore depend on audio to be able to see what I'm doing, pun definitely intended.
Things I've tried:

- Downloaded the official VMWare image, ran it, was able to log in. However, no audio whatsoever works in this image apart from the system beep which can be triggered by hitting backspace a bunch of times in the password field. Hitting ctrl+super+s to enable the screenreader did not give me spoken feedback,I cannot say if that's caused by the screen reader just not enabling or the audio just not being there for me to hear it.
- I figured installing it entirely from scratch might work better so downloaded the 2020.4 AMD64 image. I was able to boot into the graphical installer, but on the language, keyboard and user accounts screen, I was not able to hear spoken feedback.

This is on VMWare workstation v16, with soundcard enabled in VM settings.
This is an actual showstopper, I can get stuff done well enough when the OS is installed and Orca and Speakup are working, worst case I can muddle through enabling SSH and using the machine in a headless state, but right now I can't even spin up a VM with a working copy. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix?